4 Weight and Material

Hunters that are looking to reduce the decibel level of their firearm generally select a heavier steel or titanium suppressor that will take the rough and tough conditions of different hunting conditions. Steel silencers can weigh 20 ounces or more. Their rugged construction allows for the recoil from bigger centerfire calibers synonymous with big game hunting.

Aluminum is considered to be the most economic material for a suppressor. Although they are cost-effective for the occasional use, they do not handle high rates of fire that can cause the material to heat up and cause damage.

Superalloy models that use materials like Inconel or titanium can greatly reduce the weight of the suppressor. These materials are strong, durable, and lightweight; however, they are more expensive than traditional materials.

5 Benefits to Your Hearing Health

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, exposure to noise of 140 dB or over can permanently damage your hearing. To put this into perspective, a .22LR can produce up to 140dB while large bore rifles and pistols can produce the sound of 175 dB or more.

The use of a suppressor can reduce the decibel level by 30-40 dB. Suppressors can also reduce the effects of shooting situations like shooting in enclosed spaces, shooting in close proximity to others, and shooting high calibers magnums.

Most hunters do not wear ear protection. Being able to listen for game is crucial to a successful hunt. Using a suppressed firearm for hunting can reduce the level to almost half that can make most modern firearms safe for hearing.

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