How an AR Style Rifle Works

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How to Properly Grip a Handgun

Next to trigger control, gripping a handgun is the single most important thing in shooting a handgun.

How to Properly Aim a Pistol

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General Tips on Pistol Shooting

Great fundamentals of carrying and shooting a pistol, including grip, trigger press, proper workspace, and the circle of awareness.

How to Properly Sight in a Rifle Scope

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How to Align Your Body When Shooting a Rifle From a Prone Position

In this quick tip, Billy Leahy, former USCG Precision Marksmanship Instructor talks about positioning yourself behind a precision rifle.

General Tips on AR Style Rifle Shooting

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Importance of Torque Specs, Having a Qualified Gunsmith Do Your Work

Torque specs exist for a reason. Some torque specs, like those of the mil-spec AR-15 barrel nut, give you a lot of leeway, 30 ft-lbs. to 85 ft-lbs.

Does AR Bullet Tumble?

Does a 5.56 NATO bullet tumble in flight? Let's find out.

Copper Core Vs Lead Core Bullets

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Different Types of People at the Gun Range

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