Why Choose to Purchase Rooftop Arms Firearms From Your Local Dealer?

Who is Rooftop Arms? What do they do?

Rooftop Arms focuses on using only USA-made and premium quality parts. Every firearm is absolutely top-of-the-line. Rather than feeling “nickel and dimed” to death upgrading your firearm over time, Rooftop Arms only uses top-quality parts throughout the build. You then have a proper absolute top-of-the-line firearm that will not require any improvements. All Rooftop Arms guns are assembled by a certified gunsmith and come with a craftsmanship LIFETIME WARRANTY. Each firearm is not only shipped “range ready” with a bore-sighted optic, case, and extra mags; it is also coated with Elite Series Cerakote.

Why purchase through an authorized/exclusive dealer?

Due to our premium products and unique business model that prioritizes quality and customer service above all else, Rooftop Arms is very careful to only partner with dealers that will represent our brand in a way that holds up to our exacting standards. We aren’t just looking for any old gun shop to put products on the wall, we want PARTNERS that understand our brand and want an exclusive long-term relationship. Due to the grueling selection process, your local authorized/exclusive Rooftop Arms dealer will be able to guide you through what makes Rooftop Arms unique and facilitate your purchase. If you don’t see the model you were hoping to purchase for sale up on the wall, don’t worry! Your local dealer can order any Rooftop Arms firearm factory direct. Furthermore, all of our products have a fixed pricing model. You will not find any of our firearms “on-sale” unless it’s a second-hand sale. Don’t worry about needing to price-shop other dealers!

100% Custom Builds, Factory Direct!

Rooftop Arms also partners with dealers and allows the ability to order custom builds for their customers directly from us, the manufacturer. This allows the dealer to deliver a very unique service to their customers. What shops have you heard of that can order 100% custom builds factory direct for any customer that walks in the door?

Cerakote Customization!

Rooftop Arms also offers expert Cerakote and Plating services. Do you have an existing firearm that you need Cerakoted or Plated? Your local dealer can coordinate the entire process. Your dealer will ship your firearm to Rooftop Arms who will plate or Cerakote your firearm and ship it back to your dealer who will then turn over a beautifully refinished firearm. Your point of contact for payment and questions will go straight through your dealer. Your dealer can also order any Rooftop Arms model firearm in a personalized color or pattern!

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