Rifle Myths: 10 Popular Rifle Myths That Have Been Busted

Dec 2, 2022

Rifles are an important part of our history and culture, but there are many myths and misconceptions about them. Even among gun enthusiasts and gun owners, these rifle myths can lead to confusion and false assumptions. By understanding the facts behind some of the most common rifle myths, we can help create an informed and responsible firearms community. Here are common myths that we are clearing up today.

1. All rifles are capable of being accurate up to long distances:

This is not the case as different types of ammunition will have an effect on accuracy over longer distances. Different barrel lengths, stocks, and optics will also affect the accuracy at various distances.

2. Semi-automatic rifles are fully automatic weapons:

A semi-automatic rifle requires a separate trigger pull for each shot fired while a fully automatic weapon continues to fire until the trigger is released or the magazine runs out of ammunition.

3. All rifles require a lot of maintenance:

While some types of rifles may need more frequent cleaning and maintenance than others, all rifles should receive regular care in order to remain accurate and reliable. Proper storage is also required in order to protect the firearm from damage or corrosion.

4. Silencers are available for all types of rifles:

This rifle myth is not true as silencers are only available for certain models and they must be purchased with special permits or licenses in most jurisdictions. Additionally, silenced firearms still make some noise which can alert bystanders of their presence.

5. Rifles are too loud for indoor use:

While it is true that rifles produce a louder report than handguns, modern sound suppressors and muzzle brakes can reduce the sound significantly so that it does not pose an issue indoors or with nearby neighbors.

6. Bolt-action rifles are outdated technology:

Bolt action rifles have been around since the late 19th century and they remain one of the most reliable types of firearms available today. Many competitive shooters still prefer bolt-action rifles because of their accuracy and durability in harsh conditions.

7. All rifle calibers are suitable for hunting:

Different game animals require different types of ammunition in order to be taken humanely. Certain calibers are better suited for different game and shooters should always research the type of ammunition needed before making a purchase.

8. All rifles are dangerous:

As with any other type of firearm, rifles can be dangerous if not handled responsibly. However, when used properly, they can be very safe and reliable tools for hunting, target shooting, or home defense.

9. Rifles require a lot of strength to shoot accurately:

This rifle myth is not the case as most modern rifles have adjustable stocks, can come lighter in weight, and have ergonomic grips that reduce felt recoil and make them easier to handle. Additionally, there are many accessories available that can further increase user comfort and accuracy such as slings, cheek rests, and bipods.

10. Rifles must be fired while standing:

This rifle myth can be considered busted as modern shooting techniques allow for rifles to be shot from different positions including prone, kneeling, as well as standing. As long as the shooter has proper control over the rifle, different shooting stances can be used to improve accuracy or convenience in certain situations.

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