Full Service Firearm/Suppressor Inspection and Cleaning




We offer complete firearm/detailing cleaning services. Ship your firearm or suppressor to our gunsmith team and we will do a complete teardown/cleaning/reassembly. During this process your firearm will be thoroughly inspected by a gunsmith to ensure it is functioning perfectly. We will contact you if any repairs are recommended. As part of this service your items will be cleaned and lubricated with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. This service can also be performed on suppressors. Send in your suppressor and it will get the same detailed complete teardown/cleaning/reassembly that any firearm would undergo. Many people don’t realize how often suppressors require cleaning and maintenance to continue functioning properly. Your items will be returned to you as if they are new out of the box, as well as lubricated and ready to take to the range. Pricing is $150 per item for pistols/AR style rifles/suppressors. This includes return shipping. This price may seem expensive, but our all-inclusive door to door service is second to none! Your firearm will be shipped directly back to your door! No need to ship from/to your local FFL.

To use this service, purchase the appropriate quantity of this item through the webstore. For example, if you have a handgun, AR15 and a suppressor that you would like refurbished be sure to purchase quantity 3 for your order. Pack and ship your item to us. We will notify you once your items are received and will keep you updated once the items are complete and being shipped back to you. Tracking for your return shipping will be supplied.

Rooftop Arms is not responsible for shipping fees or any shipping liability when the item/s are enroute to Rooftop Arms. Please check with the shipping company you are using on specific shipping rules. Generally, firearms cannot be shipped through USPS. FedEx and UPS are happy to ship your “sporting goods” to us using regular shipping services.