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To use this service: Each individual firearm must be added to your cart separately after filling out the desired Cerakote options below. For example, if you would like Cerakote applied to an AR rifle and a Remington 700, you will need to complete this form for each firearm and add it to your cart.

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Instructions: Select all items you would like Cerakote applied to. Be sure to only select options that apply to ONE firearm.

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Instructions: Be sure to follow the (Cerakote (H Series) Color Options) hyperlink below in the product description to view all H-Series Cerakote color options. Once you have selected your color(s) please type both the color code AND name in the text field below.

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If Desired: Upload Examples Of Patterns/Styles You Like

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Click Hyperlink Below for Cerakote Color Options

Cerakote (H Series) Color Options

  • Why Choose Grit City Cerakote?

Rooftop Arms and Grit City Cerakote are proud to offer ultra-high-quality Cerakote services. This product form is intended to be used for complete or mostly complete firearms. You will notice there is an initial $100 fee applied to each firearm order for Cerakote. This gunsmithing fee is intended to cover the cost of your firearm being disassembled and then reassembled by our gunsmith team for your Cerakote job.

Typically, our “Full-Service Inspection and Cleaning” is sold as a separate service for $150, however as a bonus to our Cerakote customers, you get the additional cleaning and inspection at no extra cost with your Cerakote order! Your firearm will arrive back to you having been cleaned/inspected/lubed, as if it was brand new, plus a beautiful Cerakote job! If you want to know more about the inspection and cleaning service, be sure to read about it HERE. The price also includes return shipping with tracking and insurance. This price may seem expensive, but our all-inclusive door-to-door service is second to none! Your firearm will be shipped directly back to your door! No need to ship from/to your local FFL.

Most customers ship a complete firearm for Cerakote services. If you do NOT want to ship your complete firearm for services and rather plan to ship individual parts, be sure to check out the (Individual Parts Cerakote Product Form) HERE.

Rooftop Arms is not responsible for shipping fees or any shipping liability when the item/s are en route to Rooftop Arms. Please check with the shipping company you are using on specific shipping rules. Generally, firearms cannot be shipped through USPS. FedEx and UPS are happy to ship your “sporting goods” to us using regular shipping services.

  • Lead Times Estimates

Cerakote lead times vary based on volume and demand. Typically, your items are shipped back to you within 2 weeks of the time they are received. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any specific lead time questions before shipping your items.

  • Contact Us If Your Project Doesn’t Apply to This Form!

This form is intended to be used for “most” Cerakote jobs. You will see there are many drop-down options for each type of common firearm. These options are FAR from being an all-inclusive list. If you would like to use more than 3 colors or have a specific type of Cerakote job that doesn’t fit well in this form, reach out to us directly via our contact form and we will get your dream project in motion!

  • Need NFA Items Coated?

Not a problem! Rooftop Arms is an FFL with a SOT, meaning we can work on and manufacture any NFA item. If you are shipping an NFA item, such as a short barrel rifle, suppressor, etc. be sure to include a photocopy of your tax stamp for each item as well as a photocopy of your state ID, driver’s license, or passport in your shipment.