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LEO Loyalty Model Line

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Product Overview

Support Your Local Law Enforcement Agency with Your Purchase!

Rooftop Arms is an immense supporter of law enforcement, as well as the military. The ownership and staff at Rooftop Arms have many ties to both law enforcement and the military. Due to popular demand, we are pleased to offer a full model line of AR-style firearms that directly support your local LEOs!

The best part is it doesn’t cost you a single extra dollar! Rooftop Arms will make the donation for you!

With each purchase of a Rooftop Arms LEO model, Rooftop Arms will donate $250 directly to the law enforcement agency of your choice. After your purchase, Rooftop Arms will contact you to confirm which agency you would like the donation to be directed towards. A check will be sent to the agency of your choosing, on your behalf, by Rooftop Arms. This is a great way to support your local LEO! You may pick state patrol, city police, county sheriff, or any other organization that directly supports law enforcement. It’s completely up to you!

Be sure to check out each individual product page for model details.


This offer CAN NOT be combined with any other discounts, regardless of type. No substitutions on LEO Loyalty models. The purchased model will be shipped as a “Standard Model” without alternate uppers/CA Compliant/etc. The purchased model will have the “LEO Blue Line” as shown in the picture based on the model selected. There are not machining or assembly differences between the LEO model line and the standard models. When purchased, we Cerakote the blue line and then make the donation to the LEO agency in your honor.

What others are saying

Customer Reviews

Dear Rooftop Arms: I can’t thank you enough for the pleasant experience utilizing your company. Most people are very hesitant to purchase an item costing vast amounts of money, especially when it is an out-of-state online purchase. Not to mention, requiring two separate tax stamps! You’ve been on top of everything when it comes to NFA items and your communication has been there every step of the way. The build of the firearm I purchased is beautiful as well as quality. I’ll be sure to keep you on my list of trusted firearm dealers. Thank you for being forthright and knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing ATF regulated items. You’ve made the process seem easy which is what people like to see more than anything! I’m sure we will do business again in the future. God bless.

Pennsylvania, USA

I am not usually one to do reviews however with something of this nature and wishing to share my experience, I felt it prudent to share. I have spent an immense amount of time researching how to build, what parts to purchase, and every other thing imaginable to build a matching set of AR-10 and AR-15. I wish I would have saved hours and found Rooftop Arms first! Let’s hit the high points: Made in America, Veteran owned, GREAT customer service. They had the ability to build the exact rifles I wanted with high-quality parts, and a difficult paint job that came out perfectly! Every step of this build far exceeded what I was hoping to get at the end. Spending a large amount of money, over $15,000, I wanted these rifles to be utterly amazing and they sure are! The highlight was Erin giving me a call and telling me my build was ready to be picked up. A few hundred rounds through both rifles and I am very happy! The last add-on will be to get my tax stamp through so I can add on my suppressor. They are walking me through that process as well. Thanks, Rooftop Arms!

Washington, USA

Working with Rooftop Arms was a seamless process. I bought their Ruby model AR15 rifle. Not only is the rifle absolutely stunning, but they made the California compliant process a breeze. I ended up with a beautiful gun that is always the talk of the range when I show up. I’m a very small frame lady, and the Ruby model is flawless and shoots better than any other AR15 I have ever shot! Don’t hesitate to call Rooftop Arms for all of your high-end firearm needs, you won’t be disappointed!

California, USA


LEO Loyalty Model Line

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