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General Pricing Information

Interested In Plating?

Firearm plating options range from decorative to functional. Decorative plating typically covers the gun in shiny metal. Silver, gold, and black nickel plating are common examples of decorative plating for firearms. Plating can be done to the entire surface of the firearm, or only to specific areas such as small parts/controls. Although plating does offer some protection against wear and tear, people who plate their firearms are typically doing so for show and aesthetic reasons. Other types of plating do improve the durability of the firearm; however, these are very special types of plating. If you have any questions about plating, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Custom Laser Services!

Rooftop Arms also offers full laser engraving services. This can be as simple as having a date or name that is special to the customer lasered onto the firearm, or as wild as full stock and firearm engraving with scrollwork. We are also partnered with Dark Alliance Firearms. If you really want something one-of-a-kind and out of this world, we can make that dream come true! Dark Alliance Firearms performed all of the engraving services for the guns used in the Deadpool Movies.

What Is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a coating we often get questions about. Highly used in the gun industry for part protection, Cerakote provides a robust shield against the elements and has been around the gun world since the mid-1980s and is probably the most popular gun finish on the market. Why do gun manufacturers (and the general public) prefer Cerakote to every other option available? Well, the short answer is that Cerakote outperforms and out-protects virtually every other product. We use the word “virtually” to say that there may be a product somewhere or currently being developed that may work better but we are not aware of it at the time of this writing. What is Cerakote? Simply explained, Cerakote is a composite epoxy coating made with a polymer-ceramic. Remember that Ceramic is an extremely hard substance. The result is that Cerakote can be applied to any hard surface; meaning that we regularly apply Cerakote to plastics, metals, and even wood. After a surface is coated in Cerakote, it becomes corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and chemical-resistant, just to name a few. The company that makes Cerakote (NIC Industries) has put this coating through a battery of ASTM tests.


These tests put Cerakote up against other popular coating options and all of them come up deficient in many areas, while Cerakote performs superb in every category. Cerakote is available in over a hundred different colors and because it was originally manufactured for the gun industry, where tolerances matter, it achieves this amazing protection while applied at only a mil of thickness, that’s only one-thousandth of an inch! At Rooftop Arms, the Elite Series of Cerakote is what we choose to use on all of our flagship models. For firearms in general, Rooftop Arms ONLY uses H Series or Elite Series Cerakote. Be sure to check out the separate informational image on this page for further details comparing these two types of Cerakote. Rooftop Arms offers full-service Cerakote. It doesn’t have to be a firearm! Whether you have wheels, small parts, tools, or something you stole from your grandma! If you own it, we will Cerakote it! Just ask!