Castellan Consulting

Castellan Consulting is a branch of Rooftop Arms.

All FFL-related items will be done via Rooftop Arms. If interested in consulting services, please complete the contact form below and you will be contacted via your preferred contact method to discuss the next steps. Pricing will be discussed directly with the customer based on their needs and location. This is a very exclusive service that involves air travel/1:1 consultation. Politely; if you have to ask how much it is you probably can’t afford it…

1:1 In-Person Firearms Consultation Service – Nationwide!

• Castellan Consulting is a one-of-a-kind national firearms consulting service. No other business is offering this service. As part of the initial consultation, Castellan Consulting customers will receive a minimum of one in-person visit with both owners of Rooftop Arms. Rooftop Arms owners (Justin and John) will come to the location of your choosing and walk through any questions you have about firearms purchasing, use, applicable laws, etc.

• If desired, Castellan Consulting will communicate with customers via the encrypted messaging app, Signal, for maximum privacy.

• Castellan Consulting will bring example firearms to the in-person meeting so the customer can look/touch/operate them in the comfort and safety of your private location. This saves the customer the hassle and exposure of going to a gun store in person.

• Castellan Consulting is used to working with wealthy and exclusive clientele. Your information will NOT be shared in any way.

• The goal is to provide an exclusive service to a very exclusive buying group. This consultation will be completely private.

• One of the many services offered by Castellan Consulting is a private live fire range session. This can be done at a private location or gun range located near you. If desired, arrangements can be made to reserve the entire gun range so no other customers are present during your visit.

• If interested, and pending local restrictions, more exotic weapons such as suppressors, fully automatic, short barrel rifles, and short barrel shotguns can also be arranged.

• Many of the clientele that hires Castellan Consulting employ private security staff. Our team will work closely with your security and support staff to provide all of the Federal and State required documentation to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

• Once you have determined what type of firearms are right for you, Rooftop Arms will build or source everything for you and walk you through each step of the background check and transfer process. This process will be discrete and private while also maintaining full compliance with State and Federal regulations.

• Upon hire, both Castellan Consulting and the customer will sign a non-disclosure agreement that outlines our commitment to privacy. This contract/NDA will be supplied by Rooftop Arms/Castellan Consulting and will ensure all of your private information is legally protected.

Castellan Consulting
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