Payment & Return Policy Firearms

Payment for the total amount, including taxes and fees, is required at the time your order is placed. This will be collected during the online checkout process. You CAN cancel your order and will get a full refund, up until the point the items ship to us or if it is before we have begun the build process if your order is for a Rooftop Arms model firearm. If you are purchasing a custom build through the “Build Your Own Firearm” service, you will be sent an invoice for the total amount due. This amount will be agreed upon between the buyer and Rooftop Arms before the invoice is sent. We cannot start the build process until your invoice is paid in full. Once parts have been shipped or the build process has begun, you CAN NOT return the items or cancel your order for a full refund. If you choose to cancel the order after this point, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Except for warranty claims, no returns on any items once you receive them. This policy may sound strict, however, keep in mind we are in the business of building premium custom firearms that require specific policies and procedures. We offer a very personalized buying/build experience, and we will communicate with you during the entire process. We have a return rate of essentially zero due to our very high-quality control. If you have an issue, contact us and we will do our best to make it right!

Lifetime Warranty Information

Rooftop Arms prides itself on superior quality/craftsmanship/customer service. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on any manufacturing/workmanship defects. If you have any issues with your firearm and feel it is due to a failure in manufacturing/workmanship, contact us and we will provide you with an RMA # as well as a prepaid shipping label and shipping instructions. Once we inspect the firearm, we will contact you to determine how to proceed. It is up to the discretion of Rooftop Arms to determine if the defect is covered under warranty or not. If we do indeed find a defect in manufacturing/workmanship, Rooftop Arms will pay shipping costs to and from the customer. If it is not, the customer may be responsible for shipping costs depending on the situation. There is also a LIFETIME warranty on Cerakote for Rooftop Arms firearms. If your Cerakote has any issues at all and you feel it is due to poor application or workmanship, follow the same process and we will get your item recoated at no cost. Our focus is to make sure you have a great purchasing experience and feel comfortable purchasing an expensive firearm knowing that Rooftop Arms stands behind its products! We will do everything we can to make any issues right and communicate with you throughout the entire repair/warranty process.

Unclaimed Merchandise Policy

Once notification has been made/attempted that the merchandise/service ordered is completed and/or ready for pickup and/or transfer to the purchaser, the customer will have 30 days to pick up their firearm/merchandise. After 30 days, the customer will be assessed a $10/day storage fee until the firearm/merchandise is picked up or the value of the firearm or cost of labor has been exceeded. Once the storage fee exceeds the cost of labor and/or value of the item/s, then the item/s will be considered abandoned property and will be put out for resale at a value set by Rooftop Arms. The item/s will be considered the property of Rooftop Arms at that point. This policy applies to item/s received for transfer as well.

Liability/Legal Statement

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know the current firearm laws and regulations in their state, county, city, and municipality. Be familiar with all of your local and state laws/regulations before purchasing a firearm.

Firearms are dangerous. Any end-user of any firearm must take precautions to avoid injury. Rooftop Arms cannot be held responsible for personal injury, harm, death, or property damage while using any of our products. The end-user assumes all responsibility.

We will not answer legal questions under any circumstances. For legal questions regarding firearm configuration, circumstances, and/or any potential criminal exposure, please contact an experienced local firearms attorney.

All literature supplied by Rooftop Arms as well as any verbal advice is for informational purposes only.