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About Rooftop Arms Label Signature Builds

Welcome to Rooftop Arms! – Where hand-made meets American pride. Our products are meticulously crafted in the USA, each piece hand-tested by experienced gunsmiths for ultimate perfection. The name Rooftop Arms originates from personal stories shared by the original founders.

Rooftop Arms specializes in building ultra-high-end, range-ready firearms. At first glance our pricing may seem high, however, that’s because no other firearms manufacturer is offering a product as we do! Rooftop Arms pricing is set at low retail for all parts included in the firearm and Rooftop Arms Care package. Rooftop Arms is veteran owned and assembles firearms with only USA-made components. Rooftop Arms is not in the business of price gouging and the goal is to deliver a premium product to the end user at a fair price. Each Rooftop Arms model is sold at a fixed retail price. Whether you purchase directly through our website or from a dealer, the price is always set to a fixed retail price so you don’t need to worry about missing out on a future “sale” or “deal”. If the customer spent the time to individually purchase each part, send the parts to Cerakote, and assemble the firearm themselves the overall cost would be a touch higher than the retail pricing offered by Rooftop Arms. This is a concept other gun manufacturers are not offering.

Each Rooftop Arms brand firearm is built with a certain purpose in mind. The accessories and parts are customized to fit those needs. Every Rooftop Arms brand firearm comes with some type of sight or optic that has been sighted in with a professional boresight system, and our signature (Rooftop Arms Care Package) that gets you out the door and straight to the range. Unlike other brands, when you buy a Rooftop Arms brand firearm, you can drive straight to the range and start shooting without having to wade through the sea of options out there to finish the gun and end up with a pile of stock parts you don’t need but already paid for. We do all that work for you!

General Sales

Check out our Build Your Own Rifle Page for details on our custom builds. For general sales, we focus on selling/building our Rooftop Arms model lines of firearms. We ship to any FFL in the USA so they can transfer the firearm to you.

Consignment Sales/Private Party Transfers

Rooftop Arms no longer does consignment sales or private party/online purchase transfers. This allows us to focus on our core business. There are generally many retail FFL locations that are happy to do consignment sales or transfers. These can be found with a web search in your local area. For transfers in the Olympia, WA area we recommend one of our featured dealers, Glacier Gun Club. Visit their website for contact and fee information.



LE-Military Sales and Gunsmithing

Rooftop Arms can also create custom weapons systems for Law Enforcement/Military use. Options include select fire/full auto/SBR/SBS/suppressed variants. Law enforcement orders can be customized with paint and engraving to complement your specific department and use. Whether your department is large or small, we can make a custom product that will suit your needs perfectly.

Body Armor

We are happy to source any body armor-related products to fit your exact needs. Contact us and we can create a custom order for you. Whether it’s a plate carrier with specific holsters/mag holders or a body armor backpack, we can get it!

NFA Items

Looking for a suppressor, short barrel rifle, or a fully automatic (pre-1986) rifle? Give us a call!


We provide general gunsmithing services/repairs in-house. We also have relationships with many other services such as laser engraving, coatings, etc. Our shop rate is $110hr, with a $55 minimum. Contact us for further information.

Gun Detailing & Inspection

We offer complete firearm/detailing cleaning services. Ship your firearm or suppressor to our gunsmith team and we will do a complete teardown/cleaning/reassembly. During this process, your firearm will be thoroughly inspected by a gunsmith to ensure it is functioning perfectly. We will contact you if any repairs are recommended. As part of this service, your items will be cleaned and lubricated with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. This service can also be performed on suppressors. Send in your suppressor and it will get the same detailed complete teardown/cleaning/reassembly that any firearm would undergo. Many people don’t realize how often suppressors require cleaning and maintenance to continue functioning properly. Your items will be returned to you as if they are new out of the box, as well as lubricated and ready to take to the range. Pricing is $150 per item for pistols/AR-style rifles/suppressors. This includes return shipping. This price may seem expensive, but our all-inclusive door-to-door service is second to none! Your firearm will be shipped directly back to your door! No need to ship from/to your local FFL. Head over to the Merch/Services store to purchase this service.


Rooftop Arms no longer routinely does in-person firearm transfers. This gives us time to focus on our custom builds and Rooftop Arms label models. As a service to our customers, we have partnered with Glacier Gun Club in Olympia, WA.

Due to WA state law, WA residents are unable to purchase semi-automatic rifles. We are unable to supply our Rooftop Arms AR Platform Firearms to WA residents. We are a firearms manufacturer, and only manufacture to sell to out of state residents by shipping to their local FFL for transfer.

If you are purchasing a firearm online that is legal in WA state and need to have it transferred, we highly recommend contacting Glacier Gun Club. They are a fantastic facility. Contact them directly prior to sending your firearm there for transfer.

Visit Glacier Gun Club Website for Directions

Carepackage & Paint

What comes with every Rooftop Arms brand AR-style rifle?
Rooftop Arms Care Package

Free shipping!

Every Rooftop Arms brand firearm is shipped for free, with insurance and tracking, to your local FFL for transfer! During the checkout process, you can also select the option for local pickup. This will allow the transfer of your firearm and any WA state-required training to be completed at Glacier Gun Club in Olympia, WA. All transfer fees and required training fees are paid for by Rooftop Arms as part of your purchase!

Premium Quality Rifle Case:

Grey Single Rifle Case
4 30rd Magazine Pouches
1 Large Storage Pouch
Sling and Carry Handle
Rooftop Arms Patch
Bore Boss Cleaning Kit

4-30rd L5AWM Lancer Mags (AR15 Models) / 2-10rd L7AWM Lancer Mags and 2-20rd L7AWM Lancer Mags (AR10 Models) / 4-33rd OEM Glock Mags and 4-17rd OEM Glock Mags (AR9 Models)

Larue Tactical Handguard Covers:

Rooftop Arms Signature Red/White/Blue Accent Pattern
Custom Paint

Custom Cerakote in “Rooftop Arms Grey”. We also exclusively use the Elite line of Cerakote, for improved feel and function.

Why Cerakote?

Cerakote is the unrivaled leader in thin film protective coatings in over 100 colors.
Perfect for tight tolerance applications.
Unmatched corrosion, chemical, and durability performance
Unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance
Heat treated during the curing process. Cerakote can handle up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, so let the mag dumps begin!
*View each specific firearm in the Rooftop Arms online store for pictures of what is Cerakoted specifically for that item. Specific paint schemes may vary between models.

Lifetime Warranty

Rooftop Arms prides itself on superior quality/craftsmanship/customer service. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on any manufacturing/workmanship defects. If you have any issues with your firearm and feel it is due to a failure in manufacturing/workmanship, contact us and we will provide you with an RMA # as well as a prepaid shipping label and shipping instructions. Once we inspect the firearm, we will contact you to determine how to proceed. It is up to the discretion of Rooftop Arms to determine if the defect is covered under warranty or not. If we do indeed find a defect in manufacturing/workmanship, Rooftop Arms will pay shipping costs to and from the customer. If it is not, the customer may be responsible for shipping costs depending on the situation. There is also a LIFETIME warranty on Cerakote for Rooftop Arms firearms. If your Cerakote has any issues at all and you feel it is due to poor application or workmanship, follow the same process and we will get your item recoated at no cost. Our focus is to make sure you have a great purchasing experience and feel comfortable purchasing an expensive firearm knowing that Rooftop Arms stands behind its products! We will do everything we can to make any issues right and communicate with you throughout the entire repair/warranty process.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is provided with every Rooftop Arms brand firearm, with insurance and tracking, to your local FFL for transfer!

Current Lead Time Information

Rooftop Arms builds premium custom firearms by hand. With Rooftop Arms, you are not purchasing a gun from an assembly line. Every gun is built individually and fully tested before shipping. Only a small number of firearms are produced quarterly to maintain our high standards of quality and precision. Due to the nature of our business, lead times can vary. Current lead times are 6-10 weeks depending on many factors.

Business Location Disclaimer

We DO have a retail storefront. Our building is used for administration/manufacturing/sales. We do offer unique firearms as well as other retail products for sale in our storefront that we have vetted for quality and value. Our location is also used for dropping off and picking up of parts for Grit City Cerakote. Whether you want to stop by and look at some unique firearms, or just need to get an item Cerakoted, come on by! Walk in hours are: Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm. Appointments can also be made for special circumstances outside of those hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

States We Do NOT Sell To

Unfortunately, many states have now restricted the use of so-called assault weapons for law abiding citizens of those states. This does also include WA state residents. Due to WA state law, WA residents are unable to purchase semi-automatic rifles. We are unable to supply our semi-automatic Rooftop Arms AR Platform Firearms to WA residents. We are a firearms manufacturer, and only manufacture to sell to out of state residents by shipping to their local FFL for transfer. In addition, and without exception, we do not sell or ship AR style firearms to the following states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washinton State.