5 Ammo Storage and Organization Best Practices

Nov 1, 2021

Ammo storage is crucial for gun owners. Keeping your ammo stored properly and organized is important to every gun owner. Reducing corrosion and misfiring ammunition, increasing the lifespan, and saving time when going to the range or on a hunt are just a few reasons it is beneficial to keep your ammo organized.

Unorganized ammo can also be dangerous, or life-threatening. An example of a catastrophic mishap would be mixing a .357 magnum round with a .38 special.

Here are five best practices to help with your ammo storage and organization.

Ammo Cans

Ammo cans are by far the most common ammo storage, transportation, and organization method among gun owners. Ammo cans have watertight sealing gaskets, padlock tab closures, and carry handles to make them a favorite for storage and transportation to and from hunting or the range.

Ammo cans are made from either metal or plastic, and there each gun owner has their own preference. There are positives and negatives about both and even may differ in their use.

Plastic Ammo Cans

Plastic Ammo cans are affordable, lightweight, and store easily. Most are discreet and can easily be confused with a fishing tackle box. Plastic can dry out and become brittle as it ages and weathers and can flex due to the weight of ammunition. Keeping your ammo in a humidity/temperature control location, plastic ammo boxes can increase the lifespan of the ammo significantly. There are many storage trays and larger crates options to further your ammo organization.

Metal Ammo Cans

Metal ammo cans provide a durable, airtight, and watertight ammo storage solution. The military has used metal ammo cans for decades because they provide excellent protection when traveling through various climates and storing ammo for an extended period of time.

Metal ammo cans have many great attributes, they are heavier, louder to move, and more difficult to stack.

Conclusion: Rooftop Arms recommend that it is a good idea to keep both metal and plastic ammo cans on hand. Having both types allows you to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Ammo Boxes

Reloaders want ammo organization above the average shooting enthusiast. Carrying heavy, loaded ammo cans to and from the range or a hunting location is not what they consider efficient or fun. Ammo boxes allow the shooter to keep an accurate count of rounds spent.

Plastic ammo boxes are affordable and lightweight, so ordering online will reduce shipping costs.

Labeling Your Ammo Storage Containers

Labeling your storage containers is crucial in keeping different calibers and grain weights safely stored. Labels or decals make it easy to select the correct ammo when heading to the range or heading out to hunt for the weekend.

Ammo Storage and Organization Final Thoughts

Choose an ammo storage and organization method that fits your needs and use crucial. Putting thought into your decision will save you money, increase your ammo’s lifespan, save you time, and keep you safer. As ammo prices seem to steadily increase, keeping your ammo safe is key. If you do not have an ammo storage and organization system in place, we highly recommend researching the option that is best for you.

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