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Lifetime Warranty!

Rooftop Arms prides itself on superior quality/craftsmanship/customer service. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on any manufacturing/workmanship defects. If you have any issues with your firearm and feel it is due to a failure in manufacturing/workmanship, contact us and we will provide you with an RMA # as well as a prepaid shipping label and shipping instructions. Once we inspect the firearm, we will contact you to determine how to proceed. It is up to the discretion of Rooftop Arms to determine if the defect is covered under warranty or not. If we do indeed find a defect in manufacturing/workmanship, Rooftop Arms will pay shipping costs to and from the customer. If it is not, the customer may be responsible for shipping costs depending on the situation. There is also a LIFETIME warranty on Cerakote for Rooftop Arms firearms. If your Cerakote has any issues at all and you feel it is due to poor application or workmanship, follow the same process and we will get your item recoated at no cost. Our focus is to make sure you have a great purchasing experience and feel comfortable purchasing an expensive firearm knowing that Rooftop Arms stands behind its products! We will do everything we can to make any issues right and communicate with you throughout the entire repair/warranty process.

Free Shipping!

Free shipping is provided with every Rooftop Arms brand firearm, with insurance and tracking, to your local FFL for transfer! During the checkout process, you can also select the option for local pickup. This will allow the transfer of your firearm, and any WA state-required training, to be completed at Glacier Gun Club in Olympia, WA. All transfer fees and required training fees are paid for by Rooftop Arms as part of your purchase!

Current Lead Time Information

Rooftop Arms builds premium custom firearms by hand. With Rooftop Arms, you are not purchasing a gun from an assembly line. Every gun is built individually and fully tested before shipping. Only a small number of firearms are produced quarterly to maintain our high standards of quality and precision. Due to the nature of our business, lead times can vary. Current lead times are 4-6 weeks for one color models and 8-10 weeks for camo pattern models such as the Recon/Scout/Custom builds.

Business Location Disclaimer

We do not have a "typical" retail storefront. Our building is used for administration/manufacturing/sales. We do offer rare/unique firearms for sale in our storefront. If you would like to set up an appointment to come in and discuss a custom build, view products, or purchase one of our firearms please contact us and we are happy to arrange a time for you. Rooftop Arms ships to your local FFL to complete the transfer of the firearm.

States We Do NOT Sell To

Unfortunately, many states have now restricted the use of so-called assault weapons for law abiding citizens of those states. Without exception, we do not sell or ship AR style firearms to the following states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York.

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why choose rooftop arms?

Many gun buyers are frustrated by their purchasing experience. Some gun manufacturers offer premium" firearms, commonly these have expensive coatings with premium upper/lower receiver sets, etc. That's a great start, however, they use a cheap MIL-SPEC lower parts kit paired with a cheap barrel and/or buttstock. This makes no sense! To make it even worse, almost every firearm is sold without any optics or accessories, leaving the customer to sort through the sea of options on the market. This leaves them stuck with a pile of stock parts they will never use, but paid for. Rooftop Arms has solved these common problems! Rather than feeling “nickel and dimed” to death upgrading your firearm over time, Rooftop Arms ONLY uses top-quality parts throughout the build. You then have a proper absolute top-of-the-line firearm that will not require any improvements. We also ship every Rooftop Arms brand firearm "range ready" with a bore-sighted optic, case, and extra mags!

wow! such a high price. . . why?

At first glance, many consumers feel the price of a Rooftop Arms firearm is inflated. The “sticker shock” of seeing such expensive firearms is understandable. As a service to potential customers, Rooftop Arms wanted to lay out an example of the costs associated with buying an entry-level AR-style rifle and slowly upgrading it over time versus buying a phenomenal out-of-the-box Rooftop Arms rifle. Keep in mind, these prices are examples based on low retail and/or MSRP and are meant to serve only as a general guide.

As you can see from the price comparison above, with Rooftop Arms not only are you getting a top-of-the-line range-ready rifle but you're also paying nearly ZERO markups! This cost savings combined with not having to research the best parts possible (hours of work, reading on forums, reviews on YouTube, etc), paying shipping on each item from various retailers online, or driving to in-person shops to find parts is such an increased value. The other massive advantage when buying from Rooftop Arms is saving time/money not building it yourself and buying specialized tools. All Rooftop Arms guns are assembled by a certified gunsmith, they also come with a LIFETIME warranty on craftsmanship. Each firearm is also coated with Elite Series Cerakote, no need to find a reputable Cerakote shop, ship your items to them, ship them back, then assemble them risking damage while reassembling. With RTA you get a range-ready rifle that is bore sighted and ready for the range. You're saving money/time/frustration in addition to getting a product assembled by a gunsmith with a lifetime warranty!

If you purchased the entry-level rifle and then slowly upgraded the parts over some time, you would be left with $720 worth of “stock” parts you replaced on the original rifle, which still does not have a billet upper/lower receiver! So, with that value added in, your total cost to self-upgrade/build your entry-level rifle into a Rooftop Arms RT15 Competition model would be $5295!

Go ahead and save yourself hours of frustration and added fees, buy a Rooftop Arms rifle and be the one at the range or in the field with the most deluxe rifle any of your friends have ever seen! Check out financing with Credova as well!

build your own rifle

We also specialize in custom one-of-a-kind builds, generally in an AR-style platform. Gold plating, custom engraving, artwork, the list goes on... If you can dream it, we can build it! We focus on ultra-premium parts and quality. Every custom build will be on a Rooftop Arms 100% billet receiver set. Given our high-quality build standards, and the fact that every build is paired with an optic, our minimum required build budget is $3000 pretax. Most customers spend approximately $5000 on average with the firearm/coatings/optics/etc.

Every custom build includes free shipping to your local FFL with tracking/insurance. If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind custom build, complete our electronic form by clicking the build your own gun button. The more detail you can provide the better. Your new build will be the envy of the entire gun range! After submitting this form our team will contact you to get more details and start your build process!

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